“There is a cost to standing still; there is a cost to doing nothing,” said Gavin McClafferty, open innovation lead, Subsea 7 at last year’s Innovation Roundtable in Copenhagen. Gavin, along with yet2 CEO Tim Bernstein, shared their insights in “Finding Game-Changing Innovations.”



Subsea 7’s open innovation initiative has a mission to create value through innovation & technology, and to specifically find and foster solutions that reduce CAPEX costs related to sub-sea field development, increase value from existing infrastructure, and lower OPEX costs. Listen to Gavin as he discusses:

  • Subsea 7’s journey to open innovation
  • The “tools” in Subsea 7’s open innovation toolkit
  • Hear a case study on how one tech scouting search started with 65+ targets and moved to a quote under consideration

Gavin wrapped up his presentation with this observation, “The one thing that always resonates with me is what the French writer Proust said some time ago. He said that the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Working with yet2 allows us to get that perspective and allows us to get fresh insights from different corners of the globe, different industries. Working with them has been nothing short of a phenomenal experience.”