• Global 1000 company was considering alternatives for accessing combination spermicide/ microbicide technologies to incorporate into their line of reproductive health products.

yet2 Strategy and Role:

  • yet2 was provided strategic technology scouting services for the client
  • Several technologies were being considered, but none had risen to the level of lead target.
  • After two short meetings, a lead target was established and yet2 was engaged to recommend an option fee proposal for client to propose to the lead target.
  • yet2 prepared a valuation analysis that included both top-down (researching previous industry deals…that is… “comps”) and bottom-up (complete incremental financial analysis).


  • yet2 recommended a series of option fee payments to be triggered as target achieved specific milestones
  • yet2 provided a valuation for an eventual technology license
  • yet2 also advised the client on negotiation considerations and strategy.


  • The client remains engaged with technology owner, with yet2 providing ongoing advice as needed.