• Global B2C company seeking a way to immediately and permanently seal puncture holes in pressurized elastomeric and rubber bladders
  • Material had to permanently seal punctures of up to ¼” in diameter within 3 seconds across a very wide temperature range
  • Certain materials were not to be considered (for commercial reasons)
  • Specific cost limitations were specified
  • The solution needed to be commercializable within 18 months
  • Longer term solutions were also of secondary interest

yet2 Strategy and Role:

  • Investigated an assorted group of materials, including gels, foams, microcapsules, and polymers
  • Investigated a variety of fields ranging from ballistic protection for military applications to self-healing plant research
  • The most intriguing formulations had the property of either going from liquid to solid or being self-sealing


  • yet2 identified 30 solutions (and pathways to solutions), 20 of which had not been previously known to client
  • Of those, yet2 and the client held technical phone meetings with four, and second meetings with two


  • The client has agreed to fund development work aimed to generate proof-of-concept samples and process within nine months