• This Asian client was selling medical diagnosis products. As its products are focused in one part of a series of diagnostic system they wanted to acquire key technologies for the rest of the diagnostic process
  • With such acquisition, they believed that they could provide fully automated diagnostic products. The client is used to investing in technology venture in the USA. However, they admitted that they had never conducted proactive research to find out such ventures

yet2 Strategy and Role:

  • The client asked to utilize its strong network in venture capital and venturing societies in the USA as well as online marketing to promote its technical needs globally
  • yet2’s consultants in Japan/USA had frequent meetings/conference calls with the client during the three-month project


  • yet2 found six solutions from its online marketplace and 45 from off-line proactive network


  • The client decided to sign NDA with five organizations and received sample from one organization. They are currently in negotiations