The Auto Industry Today: On the Precipice of Massive Change

The automotive industry is constantly on the precipice of massive technological and social change. Automotive manufacturers, companies in the automotive supply chain, and technology startups eyeing the automotive market need to understand the innovations that are taking place today – and those that will take place tomorrow. By having an accurate picture of the state of innovation, these companies can better assess and incorporate new technologies into the long-term business and product strategy.

Major automobile manufacturers currently take three general approaches to innovation: bringing new and advanced technologies into the automobile; continually optimizing and enhancing manufacturing and the supply chain; and innovating their business models to react to the anticipated decline of individuals owning cars. This whitepaper will examine the innovations in the first category: the technologies and solutions the car manufacturers are investing in to bring autonomous cars to market; to increase safety; and to enhance the driver and passenger experience.


Download the whitepaper, “Innovation in the Automotive Industry” to learn about emerging technologies and innovations in:

  • Power/Electrical
    • Charging Electric Vehicles
    • Battery Power
  • Safety/ADAS/Autonomous Cars
    • LiDAR
    • 3D Mapping
    • Cameras & Vision Systems
    • Eye Tracking
    • Communications
    • Machine Learning & AI
  • Consumer Experience
    • Touchscreens & Displays
    • Connectivity
    • Infotainment & Entertainment


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