Fujii Hideyuki

Managing Director - Asia

Hideyuki Fujii is responsible for operations in Asia, generating new businesses and delivering on Open Innovation and Patent Acquisition projects.

He has worked across many technology areas including electronics, healthcare, material sciences and food products.

Expertise includes new business development, technology scouting, defensive IP portfolio development, and strategy development.

In each project, he utilizes his business alliance skills to generate and facilitate cross-industry and cross-regional connections for deal activities.

Hideyuki has successfully built and manages an Asian based yet2 business and expert team to support and facilitate global business development through Open Innovation and Patent Acquisition for many companies.

Prior to yet2, he worked over 10 years in strategy consulting and general management.

He has substantial expertise in developing and implementing new business development plans, market entry strategy, and marketing strategy, having served clients for Bain & Company both in Tokyo and Dallas TX.

As the Director of business planning of Nippon Polaroid K.K. and Reebok International, he led business alliance efforts with Japanese companies as well as implementation of new business development.

Hideyuki has a Bachelor and Master of Science from Keio University in Tokyo and an MBA from the University of Chicago.