Tim Bernstein

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Bernstein joined yet2 in 2001 and currently serves as a member of the leadership team and board of the company.

Tim provides a leadership and execution role in defining and delivering yet2’s consulting and licensing services.

Areas of particular focus over the last two years have been driving the development of technology acquisition offerings for yet2’s “buyside” clients, and facilitating technology transfer deals.

Tim spends significant time delivering a wide range of IP consulting services to clients, from analytical portfolio analysis to detailed technology and technology need evaluations to deal-assessment and execution.

In addition to Tim’s hands-on experience, he has an educational background in the IP industry including his Masters Thesis, which recommended improved licensing strategies for technology licensing out of universities.

Prior to yet2, Tim designed and launched products for high-tech startup companies in Boston and in Silicon Valley.

In addition to a Masters in Public Policy, Tim has an MBA from Stanford University with an emphasis on entrepreneurial studies, and a BA from Yale University in Economics and Political Science.