Above and Beyond: What Our Clients Have to Say

A sampling of client testimonials showcasing yet2 surprise and delight

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Above and beyond: we were very impressed with the breadth of scouting/landscape performed by yet2

– Carl Littrell, PepsiCo

Words by Carlos Pichardo

At yet2, we pride ourselves on delivering world-class technology consulting to our clients. At our core, we are devoted to our clients’ best interests and strive to surprise and delight them. There is no better validation than seeing clients push forward with great opportunities and hearing back about the success they have found. We are excited to announce the launch of our new client testimonial page, where we showcase what our clients are saying about their experiences with yet2. Let’s look at some of the highlights!


Unleashing Expertise For A Clear Path Ahead


Project Manager and team subject-matter expertise as well as understanding of the problem has been surprisingly high and helped to generate a very meaningful list of targets. The presentation and discussion of opportunities has been very well prepared and executed.

– Ralf Eckert, Leica Biosystems

Clients come to yet2 seeking solutions. We have to be prepared for complex and diverse situations, which is why we have experts in various sectors. Our expertise allows us to thoroughly assess our client’s problem, collect important data, and accurately assess the effectiveness of a solution. Our OI Consultants distill the insights and data, allowing our clients to prioritize effectively, have exact options, and drive decisions into action. Our clients are left aware of new opportunities and steps toward capitalizing them.


Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk


Capacity of yet2 to hear, understand and act on our feedback (even when such feedback was vague) was much appreciated. yet2 also understood that there was some information we were not ready to share or that we had to leave some grey areas and it showed they really understand how big companies sometimes need to work.

– Thibault Magre, Mars

Having worked with large corporations for so long, we talk the talk and walk the walk that leads to our client’s success. We have to maneuver and facilitate relationships between companies without stepping on anyone’s toes; this means understanding the unspoken nuances and norms of the corporate world. For example, knowing ways to present our clients’ challenges to potential solution providers while protecting sensitive information/anonymity. yet2 recognizes this is essential to working with large corporations and is comfortable doing so because of our experience and methodology. Furthermore, we know how large corporations make decisions and are attentive to the outcomes of these decisions. With this knowledge, we are able to advise clients with the best practices available, leading to success. At yet2, we talk the language of the corporate world and trailblaze ahead so our clients can walk to where they need to go.


Flexibility Fuels Client Success


The work done to support our technology scanning programme at the Advanced Research Centre was outside of the usual scope and the yet2 research team demonstrated great flexibility, honesty, and delivered high quality work to address a complex challenge we posed

– Jamie Kingsley, Weir

We’ve worked outside the “usual scope” long enough that it is no longer unusual. We have expertise across sectors and industries and ample experience working with niche companies allowing us to find solutions in unlikely places. We have learned that flexibility is needed for solution-finding because sometimes the answer looks only marginally related at first. By looking at the margins and diving deeper into the possibilities, we better understand the factors at play and find unexpected solutions. We see possibilities in places they don’t appear to be, and that’s part of what innovation is all about!


For more feedback on yet2’s services, go check out the new client testimonials page!


Image by Adrian from Pixabay

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