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Words by Carlos Pichardo

Tight deadlines, siloed information, and demanding stakeholders: it’s all enough to make you hold your breath. In the fast-paced world of innovation, every moment counts. Wasting time meandering through a slog of contract paperwork and meetings gets in the way of making tangible progress.

Luckily for you, yet2 is here to help you breathe easy with our EZ-Button service featuring fast turnarounds with first results in 5 days. Get quick access to yet2‘s entire suite of technology scouting and consulting services through a simple email request where our expert team of OI Consultants will get started on the request within hours. Follow along for a rundown of all the quick and effective opportunities we have to offer.


Results When You Need Them

Open innovation is a wonderful way to make progress, allowing great minds to come together to create meaningful change. However, when not executed properly, it can also be slow, encumbered by tedious back-and-forths, and waiting around for others to pick up the ball. yet2 is changing that.

One of our goals in creating the EZ-Button Service is to provide clients with 1st deliverables quickly and without difficulty. With EZ-Button, something as small as a cursory email can become actionable knowledge only days later.

Case in point, a client seeking startup connections in Israel emailed yet2 on Wednesday requesting a list of 20 promising startups in Israel they should meet. Two days later on Friday afternoon, yet2 gave the client a list of 30+ promising start-ups related to our client’s interest.

Offering such quick turnarounds is what makes yet2’s EZ Button Service truly unique. EZ-Button clients are given direct contact with a yet2 consultant fully authorized to decide next steps and accept work, easing communication and creating efficiency in accessing all of yet2’s capabilities. Upon receiving a request, yet2 determines next steps in 1 business hour and delivers results in days. By reducing complexity, we strike at the core and provide fitting and thorough solutions.

Results How You Want Them

Although we’re offering quick turnarounds, we are not skimping on quality or range of services. yet2 thrives because we cut out the nonsense and focus on the vital parts of a project.

We’ve perfected our expertise and methodologies through decades of world-class consulting; that’s why we can offer a service as amazing as EZ-Button. Take a look at some examples of possible 1st deliverables!


1st Deliverables Examples

  • Initial opportunity vetting and target company overviews
  • Anonymous info gathering on promising targets, disruptive startups, partnership opportunities
  • Beginnings of SolutionScape/ Landscaping exercises
  • Initial topic searches with 1st 5-20 raw leads based on initial scope shared by Client
  • Prioritization Charts helping clients focus their resources
  • Anonymous outreach preserving client confidentiality
  • Expert searches by top scouts in the industry
  • Identify toll manufacturers according to client needs
  • Identify design/manufacture partners according to client specifications
  • Address NDA needs


As you can see, we host a variety of expert services all focused on easing the difficulty and stress of taking your business to the next level. yet2 is here to help you, in the way you want us to help. Let’s look at some case studies to examine 1st deliverables in effect.


Case Studies

One common request we get through the EZ-Button is from clients looking for opportunity vetting. When the C-Suite of a Fortune 500 corporation caught wind of a promising protein design company, they contacted yet2 through EZ-Button seeking a quick answer to the question: is this the right company that we should be partnering with in this space or are there better options?

A week later, yet2 provided a deep analysis of the company’s technology including modes of action and its value proposition compared to 6 other leading competitors.

yet2 recognized it was a differentiated platform technology with potential applications across multiple client businesses and recommended our client to move forward as this opportunity was the most promising partner choice. We even helped set up introductions leading to a signed NDA to explore first applications. Because of yet2’s opportunity vetting, the client made an informed and business-savvy decision, all within seven business days.

Another popular EZ-Button service is anonymous outreach. A client contacted yet2 seeking to better understand an up-and-coming start-up in their industry. They saw the possibility of collaboration but wanted concrete proof of feasibility before bringing the opportunity to key senior decision-makers. yet2 engaged its scouting expertise, analyzing the technology value proposition and market growth of the start-up.

Less than a week after the client reached out, we provided a detailed report containing key insights that would have taken much longer without yet2’s expansive network and scouting ability. Our client was able to bring the opportunity forward to senior stakeholders with  confidence.

The EZ-Button Service provides the perfect blend of speed and impact. So, take a deep breath, and by the time you’ve exhaled, we’ll have what you need, when you need it, how you need it. All at the press of a button. That’s the yet2 way.


Contact us to learn more about EZ Button.


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