Innovation Roundtable Summit 2022 Roundup

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IR Summit 2022

The yet2 team ventured to Copenhagen for the Innovation Roundtable Summit, this time as diamond sponsors, excited to attend a face-to-face event for the first time in 3 years. Part of our team was Patrick Harris, one of our Business Development team members, attending for the first time.

Here’s what he had to say about the event.

“It was great to get to meet people in person at the IRT, develop new relationships, and build on existing ones. Across the event, I noticed a trend in topics of innovation, including healthy alternatives within FMCG, sustainability within plastics and packaging, and digital transformation, for instance, the talk by Maurits Van Tol from Johnson Matthey discussing utilizing robotics in their catalyst design and testing. yet2 has recently been working in these topics and it was great to share our knowledge.”

“Another common theme discussed at the IRT was the challenges faced in achieving innovation, such as IP contamination, how to measure success and the roadblocks faced. For instance, Ernesto Ciorra from ENEL discussed the importance of having key stakeholder buy-in, a sentiment that is echoed by yet2 throughout our processes. These are all things yet2 has spent years working on through our portals, deal facilitation, and project metrics.”

“Another interesting talk was by Mauro Porcini discussing the human element of innovation, how to combat resistance and cross organizational boundaries all leading to successful innovations. Within large organizations challenges can be faced getting new external innovations past the finish line. yet2 has developed our Open Innovation training course, where we work with your team to develop your open innovation skills, covering IP contamination, NDAs, and getting to deal.”

“The Innovation roundtable was a great experience with the biggest names in innovation exchanging ideas and cross-industry knowledge sharing. I can’t wait to go again next year!”

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