Key Considerations & Best Practices in Open Innovation Portals

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While corporate open innovation portals have been around for 20 years, they are not yet ubiquitous. In fact, many companies are just starting to explore open innovation portals and how to incorporate them into innovation and collaborative initiatives.

Corporate open innovation portals provide a number of tangible and intangible benefits to organizations committed to fostering innovation. But there are different ways to approach, design, and manage an open innovation portal.

Key Considerations for Open Innovation Portals

Companies starting a new portal initiative, or those looking to reinvigorate an existing portal need to consider:

  • Collaborative vs direct innovation portals
  • Managed internally or outsourced to an agent
  • Key features, such as needs writing, a submission management back-end, a well-designed submission form, FAQs, legal waivers, process flow, communications with submitters, and more


yet2: Key Considerations & Best Practices in Corporate Open Innovation Portals


Best Practices for Open Innovation Portals

With 20 years of observing open innovation portals, we’ve honed best practices across a wide range of industries and all geographies. These are not just for making the portal work efficiently and effectively, but also for creating portals with underlying processes that maximize results and align with strategic initiatives.

  • Provide an IP anti-contamination single point of entry for all external ideas
  • Prevent internal innovation fatigue
  • Facilitate the most promising submissions
  • Tap multiple, diverse, global innovation communities
  • Share challenges seamlessly

Learn more about key considerations and best practices in open innovation portals by downloading our whitepaper 20 Years of Best Practices in Harnessing Corporate Open Innovation Portals for Impact. And, hear first-hand how to take your open innovation portal to the next step by attending our September 26, 2019 webinar Leveraging an Open Innovation Portal to Build an Innovation Ecosystem.


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