Meet the Team – Danny Soltan

Licensing and Commercialization Associate

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This is one in a series of blog posts where we highlight members of the global yet2 team. We recently spoke with Danny Soltan, a licensing and commercialization associate in our Boston office.


Danny Soltan. licensing & commercialization associate, yet2What’s your role at yet2?

I have a variety of roles here, the majority of which support the “tech sell” side of yet2’s services. Much of the time I identify novel applications or uses for our clients’ new or existing intellectual property. Often, part of this is identifying and interviewing potential licensees and experts in those technology areas. Then I make conclusions based on analysis of that feedback and research. I also participate in yet2 technology scouting engagements for clients in areas where I have technical expertise, such as in composite materials.

What technology area excites you the most right now?

My doctorate research was in the design of a variety of composites for structural and infrastructural applications.  As a result, I love following the advancements in additive manufacturing for full-scale manufacturing and construction applications. These additive techniques, like 3D printing, allow such a high degree of control over how materials are structured, that you can achieve previously unattainable properties, performance, and design. Advancements in so many engineering disciplines are based on new understanding and control of materials, so additive manufacturing is beginning to have big impacts in a variety of applications areas, including, finally full-scale construction. The rate of advancement in additive manufacturing is extremely high right now.

Are there any types of client engagements that you find particularly interesting?

I really like client engagements where the technology is at an early stage because there is usually excitement surrounding it from both the client and the potential licensees. There is usually also some ambiguity about the paths forward. That ambiguity makes the work challenging, but meaningful.

When you are not working, you can be found …

I love riding and racing bikes. I race in a variety of disciplines, including road racing, gravel and off-road racing, and cyclocross. The training for these events is how I choose to spend a lot of my time. I treasure my time on the bike.

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