Navigating Innovation Partnerships with Startups

Please join yet2 and Wellspring on May 29th at 11am Eastern

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For large corporations, there is an allure to innovating with a small company or startup. When these partnerships succeed, you’ve captured lightning in a bottle. But success means navigating through an array of pitfalls.

Understanding how to manage the large-co / small-co dynamic is crucial. How will you collaborate? What expectations should you have? How do you expand the relationship internally past the initial spark? How do you know if it’s working? When is the right time to pivot or part ways?

Please join yet2 and Wellspring on May 29th at 11am Eastern for a joint webinar on the best practices of navigating startup partnerships. Drawing on decades of client experience from both firms, we’ll offer tips on how to avoid common mistakes, including:

  • Setting expectations: defining what success looks like
  • Involving stakeholders: when, why, and how
  • Risk management: how to drive and capture value for both sides
  • Making it sustainable: managing a portfolio of startup relationships

Register here.

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