Revolutionizing the Deal-Making Landscape: yet2’s 11 Deals in a Single Month

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One of the ways we measure our success is through getting our clients to a deal with the companies we scout on their behalf. Last month, yet2 broke the record for deals in a single month with 11 deals in February 2024.


To Compare:

Looking back at 2022, we set a new record for deals. Compared to 2021, we increased our deal count by 60%, and compared to 2020, we saw a whopping 140% increase. It’s been a significant leap in our growth and ability to land deals for our clients.

Looking back even further, in the first half of 2009, we completed 14 deals, which was our past record. Now, things have really picked up – we completed 11 deals in just one month and reached 14 in the first 2 months of this year!


Where have our deals come from?

Deals were done for clients across health, government, and hygiene industries, with promising technologies around AI custom skin care solutions and renewable energy technologies.

5+ deals were completed with the National Institutes of Health, through its Somatic Cell Genome Editing program, which launched this groundbreaking $6 million challenge to improve gene editing technology by specifically developing targeted delivery systems of genome editors to somatic (non-reproductive) cells in the body.


What are yet2 doing differently?

We are continuing to evolve our capabilities beyond upfront scouting; scouting is a valuable element to our service, but our focus has always been to generate impact and value creation for our clients coming out of the scouting effort.

We have upped our anonymous outreach to collect, filter, and prioritize information for our clients. This hands-on approach to gathering key data directly, coupled with our strategic business understanding, enables us to really understand our client’s pain points and gather the right information our clients need to make informed decisions.


How do we help our clients beyond scouting?

yet2 has been in this industry for over 20 years gaining valuable insight into the do’s and don’ts of Open Innovation. We believe our deal success in recent years has been through sharing our expertise and tips and tricks with our clients through various offerings:

  • Intro2Deal: yet2 provides active facilitation of promising opportunities and helps our clients overcome hurdles, such as advising our clients on how to engage with externals and how and when to get key internal stakeholders bought in. Through our Intro2Deal facilitation and advising, we helped one client this year shave 8 weeks off of their average deal time.
  • Open Innovation Portals: coaching our clients on how to get the most value from their open innovation portals. Whether this be through marketing, challenge design and submission management
  • Open Innovation Training: 2022 was the first year of our open innovation training course, where over 8-modules, we coach our clients and their key support functions to develop skills around how to partner effectively with external companies, tools for accelerating decision-making, and more key learnings from yet2’s 20+ years practicing Open Innovation


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