Sanofi Consumer Healthcare Launches Open Innovation Portal to Foster Partnerships with Entrepreneurs, Startups and More

Visit to view Sanofi CHC's needs

Sanofi Consumer Healthcare (CHC)’s new open innovation portal,, is now open for business to identify new disruptive healthcare solutions, foster innovations, and collaborate with entrepreneurs, startups, research institutions and more.

Sanofi CHC is looking to partner with innovators in the following four areas:

  • Digestive Health
  • Cough and Cold
  • Pain
  • Nutritional Health

The small CHC Open Innovation team brings maximized efficiency with limited bureaucratic procedures, making working with Sanofi CHC an agile and engaging process. The team is focused on one goal: the co-creation or co-development of disruptive breakthrough innovation that advance consumer health solutions.

Visit to learn how to submit your ideas and to view current needs including:

Sanofi CHC Digestive Health Needs

  • Gentle Constipation Relief
  • Liver Health Problem Signaling


Sanofi CHC Cough and Cold, Allergy Needs

  • Innovative Packaging
  • Smart, Passive and Disruptive Solution to Track Symptoms in Allergy
  • Machine Learning Algorithm for Personal Allergy Management
  • Nasal Segment, Boosting Features
  • Tracking Environment: “Seeing Invisible Particles”
  • Innovative Cough and Throat Soft Capsule Formulations


Sanofi CHC Pain Needs

  • Stress Platform for Intense Headache
  • Muscle Relaxant Platform for Intense Headache
  • In Sync with Body for Lower Abdominal Pain
  • IBS Multisymptoms Solution
  • PM Relief for Body Pain
  • Body Harmony Fit


Sanofi CHC Nutritional Health Needs

  • Prebiotic Ingredient
  • Probiotic Ingredient
  • Diagnostic Solutions for the Analysis of Biomarkers Reflecting the Consumers’ Well Being
  • Stress Area: Ingredients with Adaptogen Property