Should you Choose Tech Scouting or Crowdsourcing for your Open Innovation Project?

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How should you choose the best approach for your open innovation project? Should you opt for tech scouting or crowdsourcing?

Tim Bernstein, CEO of yet2 and Christian Cotichini, CEO of HeroX tackle this topic in HeroX’s recent webinar, Crowdsourcing vs TechScouting: Which One is Better?

Watch the video and you’ll hear Tim and Christian explain how NASA’s Technology Readiness Levels can be a good tool to use to determine if your open innovation project should use tech scouting or crowdsourcing. Tim and Christian also address:

  • How open innovation portals combine tech scouting and crowdsourcing
  • Case studies of both tech scouting and crowdsourcing
  • Scenarios when tech scouting and crowdsourcing should both be applied for successful OI projects.

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