yet2 Offsite 2022

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yet2 team on beach, offsite 2022

For the first time in 3 years, the global team traveled to Boston to conduct our annual offsite event. It was great for the team to come together after so long specially to meet the new faces of the team.

As well as learning to throw an American football, the team took the opportunity to discuss upcoming innovation trends, strategic impact, and how to deliver more value.


Check out what our team had to say below:

“After three years of Covid and lack of travel, it was wonderful to get the entire global team together in one place. The exchange of ideas and best practices as well as camaraderie among teammates will help guide yet2 forward for the betterment of our clients.” – Lisa Welch – Business Development


“This offsite was a great experience and a much-needed chance to catch up with old friends and new faces at yet2. The sessions were high quality and I particularly enjoyed the roundtable discussion on best practices delivering value.” – Conor Peacock – Innovation Services Manager


“The offsite was a great opportunity for yet2 to get together and think of ways to improve our services. It wasn’t until I arrived (meeting many of my colleagues in person for the first time) did I realise how much fun it was going to be!” – Dr. Rory Curtis – Project Leader


“The offsite felt like a great balance of work and play where office colleagues became friends and family. My favourite topic was how to deliver strategic impact to our clients” – Jesse Omondi – Associate Project Lead

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