yet2 presents Precision Health and Liquid Biopsy work at NASA conference

Megan Waldock, Andrea Guemez, and Tom Pavilon attend the NASA conference and present scouting work on Precisional Health and Liquid Biopsy technologies

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Over the last decade, yet2 has worked with NASA on more than 50 technology scouting projects, identifying an array of cutting-edge technologies relevant to space exploration. This February, the yet2 team attended NASA’s Human Research Project (HRP) Conference, an event centered on sharing the progress and results of safe and efficient human space travel research. The conference included the most relevant research around life sciences and space, with speakers from universities, international space agencies, Research Centers, digital health businesses and even astronauts.

yet2 was invited to showcase technologies suitable for astronaut health improvement and monitoring. During the convention, the yet2 team presented a scientific poster on Precision Health, highlighting research advancements, its position within the market, current limitations, and trends to look out for. Though still in early stages, this scientific field has the potential to significantly transform the healthcare system, providing personalized recommendations to prevent disease and stay healthy.

Additionally, yet2‘s Innovation Manager Megan Waldock gave a presentation on Liquid Biopsy techniques for early cancer detection. Since space travel exposes astronauts to high levels of radiation, they must be constantly monitored to identify and treat any radiation-related issues as quickly as possible. Given that liquid biopsies are non-invasive and high sensitivity-specificity techniques, they are a great solution to keep astronauts safe. Want to learn more about either project? Check out our active projects page to learn more about the Precision Health or Liquid Biopsy projects.

Following the HRP Conference, the yet2 team got to experience a tour of the Johnson Space Center. Some highlights of the visit include a Q&A session with flight director Elias Myrmo while at mission control, meeting Valkyrie at the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, and watching astronauts train at the Natural Buoyancy Laboratory. It was an out of this world experience!

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