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Carbon Capture Technologies for Industrial Applications-Aerial view of smokestacks in an industrial park emitting a column of smoke or water vapor A yet2 client seeks carbon capture technologies that could be applied to large hot gas streams in order to reduce COemissions. Potential solutions should be easy to transport as they will be required to be installed in remote locations.

Solutions Should

  • Be suitable for capturing CO with approximately 3% CO concentrations from post-combustion applications.
  • Compact and easy to transport to remote locations
  • Be able to scale to process at least 10 tons of CO per day
  • Commercially viable solutions within 5-10 years are preferred
  • Ideally withstand temperatures between 500 – 800°C


Possible Solution Areas

  • Carbon capture solutions for gas engines, gas turbines and furnaces.
  • Compact, flat-pack, and/or modular carbon capture designs
  • Rotating disc separation
  • Solvent, sorbent, membrane, Enzyme, MOF and cryogenic based capture systems
  • Hybrid systems that combine multiple capture system types
  • Novel capture systems


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Photo Credit: marcinjozwiak from Pixabay


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