Digitization in Innovation

Digitization's Impact on Consumer Engagement, Healthcare, and Manufacturing

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Words by Carlos Pichardo

Technology and digitisation has transformed how we connect globally. We can package and deliver cross-Atlantic packages in less than a week, control our homes from our phones, and enter into virtual worlds online.

yet2 has been at the forefront of digital innovation across our 20 years of business and has observed digitization in a range of areas. Below we share some of our recent scouting projects around digitization’s impact on consumer engagement, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Consumer Engagement

yet2 was challenged by a large CPG client to find effective forms of digital marketing at a low cost that would engage a teenage audience. We scouted across our global network and leveraged our 8 scouting channels to identify prospective solution paths like QR codes or point-of-purchase digital displays. Our efforts identified four promising solution providers willing to pitch their digital resources to our client. With transformations as big as the Metaverse happening, one might question if digital ads and QR codes are only the beginning of what digital marketing can be.


The health industry is also moving into digitalized solutions, such as monitoring health metrics from your home. A yet2 client is looking to innovate a digital central platform that will allow various forms of health data to be transformed into personalized health recommendations informing consumers’ conception of wellness. yet2 leverages its broadcast network to identify tools to make personalized health recommendations.


Assembly lines are a staple in manufacturing; however, today these processes have become more digitized, improving efficiency, safety, and have the potential to reduce costs. Recently, yet2 led a project for a client seeking machines that can handle flexible materials like hair or fabric. Our research uncovered machines, utilizing technologies such as AI, that were able to manipulate fragile materials like glass or fruit.


yet2 has strong experience scouting for opportunities around digitalization and enabling technology innovations that can help your organization innovate across products, consumer engagement, supply chain, and more.

To learn more about digitalization, automation, and the future of technology, contact yet2!


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