yet2 Scout’s Key Differentiating Quality: Doggedness

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Words by Carlos Pichardo

Technology scouting is more than Google searches and list generation. Strong scouts use the strength of their network, cross-industry experience, a powerful will, and more to find actionable solutions for their clients. Recently, we polled our clients about the unique value yet2 offers. Here’s what they said we brought to them:

yet2's critical, anonymous, outside perspective brings clients to impact

  • We collect real-world data direct from solution providers to help you make more informed decisions.
  • We leverage our cross-industry experience to bring new solutions you had previously not considered and continuously iterate our approach based on market data.
  • We rigorously measure our success by the number of deals we do for our clients and continually strive to deliver impact beyond simply scouting.

These 3 themes, combined with our global network and technical subject matter, and open innovation expertise, are what set us apart.

But, no matter how strong the network or reach, obstacles are abundant in scouting. When we look inwards to define what underpins our ability to address our client’s needs consistently, it’s our doggedness that enables us to deliver impact.

Doggedness is an abstract concept, so we’d like to offer a few practical examples of our scout’s tenacity and perseverance.

  • Our Japan team had a client who wanted to identify business development opportunities for their Lithium Niobate (LN) processing technology. Upon understanding our client’s needs, we immediately employed our global network of connections to discover promising work on LN. Despite consistent interactions with LN-technology-carrying companies, we could not find what we needed until we found one engineer’s work detailed in a research article.Recognizing the opportunity, we contacted the paper’s author, who directed us to an out-of-operation company. We continued our search and found the engineer at another company. The company’s sales team denied interest in LN processing. With strong reason to believe their sales team prematurely rejected the opportunity, we decided to go directly to the top. After securing a call between our team and the CEO, we facilitated an introductory call between our client and the company leading to a development contract.
  • Another example is a case managed by our US team that shows the difficulty of finding the right connection. Our client was an oil and gas company seeking a manufacturer of low-temperature diesel Early on, we found the company needed to fulfill our client’s needs. However, the company was unclear in its communication and siloed. They went silent, leaving it up to our scouts to persist in reaching out, and bounced us around their international office and internal teams. Our scouts remained open and patient, eventually securing our client a deal.

In these cases, our scout’s unwillingness to let an opportunity slip them by resulted in achieving the outcomes our clients’ desired. yet2 scouts know how to leverage our many channels and are persistent in pursuing leads. We get the job done despite the difficulties. That’s the yet2 way.


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Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

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