yet2’s Diverse Project Work Uncovers Cross-Industry Innovation Opportunities

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Words by Carlos Pichardo

For over twenty years, yet2 has created opportunities in diverse fields. Since 2014, we have scouted innovation across 19 industries and 44 categories. Project diversity exposes us to creative and unexpected possibilities allowing us to stay on innovation’s cutting edge. We give clients this edge by finding complete and innovative solutions beyond the scope of their industry.

Take a look at this thematic breakdown of our project history since 2014!

yet2 clients trust our ability and willingness to turn over every stone to find a solution that will work for them. yet2’s top five industries reflect trends in client interest. Note that these key industries have abundant prospects for inter-industry work. Materials and Electronics are critical to practically any industry. Personal Care, Food, and Biotech encompass many possible niches that can draw support from solutions in other areas. For example, coatings and formulation platforms can find applications across food, beverage, skin health, ag tech, packaging, and many more. At yet2, we recognize the tremendous inter-industry opportunity that is available. 

We have dived deep enough into these industries to give our clients clarity as they work with the complexities of their industries. We have built thousands of relationships and our yet2 Competencies database and Established Ventures database (which contains over thirty thousand scouted companies acquired over yet2’s decades of technology scouting). Feedback we often hear from clients is that we add a ton of value by bringing promising technologies from non-obvious industries the client team did not consider.

Survey-level inquiries will not give our clients the answer they seek. Our industry-specific experts and business leaders ground yet2’s broad work with their intricate and nuanced knowledge of their industries. Their doctorate-level training allows them to accurately evaluate a technology’s value proposition and possible next steps through data collection from industry research and direct interviews with solution providers. Our experts dig deep to make sure our clients are set for success. 

For innovation struggles of any size or scope, yet2 is here to find a solution!

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Photo by Octavian Dan on Unsplash

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