Meet the yet2 Team – Rory Curtis

Project Leader

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This is one in a series of blog posts where we highlight members of the global yet2 team. We recently spoke with Rory Curtis, project leader based out of our Liverpool office.

Rory Curtis-Associate Project Leader, yet2What industry or technology interests or excites you the most right now?

There are so many areas I’d like to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. I’m interested in renewable energy, nuclear fusion, quantum computing, additive manufacturing (especially for medical applications), wearable technologies, and grassroots engineering movements. If I had to decide; I guess I’d pick traveling wave reactor (TWR) nuclear power. It’s a nuclear fission reactor that simultaneously burns fuel while converting nuclear waste from traditional nuclear power plants into usable fuel. These plants will be inherently safer than traditional nuclear power plants as there is never enough usable fuel in the reactor for core meltdowns to be possible. In addition to this, the technology activity burns nuclear waste thereby reducing nuclear waste stockpiles. This is a style of reactor that has been theorized for a while now but only since Terrapower has come onto the scene (with no less than Bill Gates at the Helm), that it has become a practical option. Ideally this technology could be used to bridge energy requirements for the next few decade before a 100% world renewable energy infrastructure is ready.

What type of client engagements do you enjoy the most?

The kick-off meetings! It’s a lot of fun to discuss the project brief with the client and offer your insights in a topic to help shape the project direction.

Do you have any podcast or book recommendations that we should check out?

I’ve just finished “What I talk about when I talk about running” by Haruki Murakami. It’s a memoir about Murakami’s own interest and participation in long distance running. Murakami is an internationally acclaimed author and the book reads like it was written by one, so you don’t even need to be into running to enjoy this read, although it definitely helps.

I would also recommend a podcast called “Heavyweight”, by Gimlet. It’s an often touching podcast centered around redemption. In each episode the presenter, Jonathan Goldstein helps callers through thorny reunions and difficult conversations while presenting it in a very human way. It’s a really soothing listen.

Are there any areas or topics in which you consider yourself an expert?

I’m not a big fan of the term expert, as I believe there’s always more to learn (or maybe I just find myself lying at the bottom of the Dunning-Kruger Curve!). However, I know a fair bit about musculoskeletal biomechanics. My PhD investigated the influence of minimal footwear on the biomechanics of walking. During my research, I developed a strong understanding of human movement analysis and appreciation for correct scientific methods. I also discovered some important findings. One example was that regular use of minimal footwear will increase foot strength, which is important for maintaining stability when entering old age.

I also keep my finger on the pulse on all things engineering related. I did my masters and undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and it’s still a passion of mine.

Would you like to speak at any conferences and trade shows? What topics would you like to speak about?

Absolutely. I’d be keen to be involved with conferences and trade shows relating to either biomechanics and/or engineering as this is where my experience lies. I’ve often found this line of work is often the most enjoyable part of the job, especially when it involves going to the pub in the evening!

What do you do when you are not working?

I’m quite into triathlons, so you will often find me outside training, either swimming, cycling, or running. I’m big into food too, both cooking and eating! There’s nothing better than coming back from a long run and tucking into a nice meal accompanied by a good glass of wine.


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