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Words by Carlos Pichardo

In the world of technology, having a reliable support system is crucial, just like a boxer needs a skilled cornerman. The people in your corner can make or break the fight. At yet2, we pride ourselves on being the team you can count on to find solutions, build relationships, and close deals.

At yet2, the relationships we build (and have built for a long time), combined with our decades of experience, make us a formidable ally in the technology world, and the proof is in the champions we’ve guided. Let’s take a look at a few:

Nomad Foods and BlueNalu Partnership

In 2020, Nomad Foods (Europe’s leading frozen food provider) approached us seeking new technologies and proteins to develop a more sustainable seafood alternative. We scouted and facilitated helping Nomad Foods eventually close a deal with BlueNalu, a cell-culture seafood company. The deal was the first of its kind as a consumer-packaged goods company and a cell-cultured seafood company collaborated to bring sustainable seafood alternatives to European markets.

After scouting over 80 different possible providers, we worked closely with Nomad Foods to identify the metrics we would use to further filter knockout solutions. Our prioritization methodology is evidence of our commitment to client-tailored solutions. Depending on client needs, we filter solutions by different technology dimensions, such as Comparative Value Proposition (CVP), IP, Cost, Scale, or Regulatory Status. Using Nomad Foods’ specific priorities, we narrowed the pool to 29 possible providers. Through iterative refinement and our Topic Specific Scouting methodology, we identified seven highly suitable contenders, with BlueNalu’s differentiated technology standing out. From there, we facilitated introductions, NDAs, and a joint workshop, closing out a truly knockout deal. At every step of the way, we are in your corner, calling out strategy and rallying for your victory.

Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals and the OI Portal

Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals tapped  yet2  to create an Open Innovation  (OI) portal seeking partnerships with Japanese companies and submissions from promising innovators in the health technology sector. We designed and built an OI portal to their specifications, including TechNeed documents in both Japanese and English. We broadcasted the OI portal and specific TechNeeds to our global yet2 network. When the submissions began rolling in, we filtered to find the most promising and presented them to Kobayashi. Kobayashi moved forward with four partnerships with different universities, a few of which shared that such a partnership with Kobayashi would be impossible without the OI portal.

Our OI portal is one way we support clients through the adversity of finding reliable partners to spur their innovation. The yet2 model is unique in our emphasis on a fully customizable portal. We design portals according to clients’ wishes, capturing branding/messaging, adjusting communications with submitters, and creating a submission management back-end. This is so clients can engage with the global technology landscape seamlessly and according to their style. We tailored Kobayashi’s OI portal to their specifications so they could make the best use of it. However, they didn’t just receive an OI portal. Also in their corner was yet2s expansive network. In our time scouting and consulting, not only have we managed to create a database of companies in many different sectors, we have personally established relationships with many of them. By broadcasting client needs to our network, we kickstart exposure and opportunity. Our efforts did not go unrewarded because Kobayashi found the research partners they wanted.

Click here to visit the Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals Open Innovation Portal

Choose yet2 as Your Cornerman

We provide a powerful blend of expert consulting services and a robust and valuable network. If you want to be a champion of the tech space, with your arm held up high being declared victor, choose yet2 to be in your corner. We are here to guide, support, and empower your success in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

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Photo by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash

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