Scouting’s hottest trend: Contract Manufacturing Organizations

yet2's clients increasingly turn to scouting to strengthen partnerships with Contract Manufacturing Organizations

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A major trend yet2 has observed over the last several years in our technology scouting projects is more companies are using scouting to identify Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) to partner with.

While we’ve historically done quite a bit of scouting projects around identifying CMOs for our large client to fill specific capability gaps, either technically or geographically, there are new drivers of this trend with a few being:

  • The pandemic has disrupted supply chains globally, leading more of yet2’s Large clients to scout for CMOs to onboard and minimize potential future risk.
  • Other clients have recognized their current CMOs and supplier partner populations could be more diverse, and have turned to technology scouting to help increase representation of minority-owned and women-owned partner organizations



Download our Case Study: Scouting Contract Manufacturing Organizations and discover how yet2 partnered with one client to successfully evaluate over 200 high-throughput formulation CMOs.

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