Innovation Trends in Life Sciences

yet2 shares trends in life science innovation topics from recent scouting projects

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Life science scouting projects are some of the more popular topics amongst the project team at yet2. With the pace of scientific innovation accelerating so quickly, the topics always focus on cutting-edge technologies and devices, and never fail to provide ample opportunity for jaw-dropping reactions to cool, new science.

Scouting for life science technologies is also a popular ask across our clients, and why we have so many project leaders with backgrounds and PhDs in chemistry, biochemistry, and biology. We published a Case Study: Innovations in Life Science to showcase a recent success story and highlight some of the trends our project teams have seen while working across clients and topic areas within life science. Here are a few of the trends we’re seeing:

Digital pathology

  • Transition from standard tissue slides and staining which can take hours to days, to innovative devices that can reproduce the same result in a matter of minutes
  • Provides results while the patient is still in surgery thus reducing the need for further procedures


  • Further inroads/deepening of personalization – move towards hyper-personalization through at-home testing kits which, combined with apps, provide tailored guidance and advice for your specific hormone levels
  • Move to include all aspects of the female hormonal cycle – pre-menstrual, menstrual, menopause, disease (PCOS), fertility, pregnancy – most companies initially focused on fertility and pregnancy but brands are striving to be more inclusive of the holistic cycle

Unique and novel formats

  • Novel OTC product formats, i.e., gummies, soft chews, jelly beans, confectionary products
  • 3D printed tablets, pills, and chews for personalized on-the-fly supplements and therapeutics

Future foods/ingredients

  • Novel ingredients – reducing risk of obesity (lowering blood sugar, weight reduction), lots for gastrointestinal health (probiotics and related fibres are very popular)
  • Continued growth of alternative proteins – especially in cultured meat and fungi-based proteins; insect proteins are rising globally but regulatory frameworks are lacking, especially in the US
  • Rapidly growing space of alternative fats – including novel plant oils and cultured fats that aim to make plant-based meat alternatives actually taste like meat!



Download our Case Study: Innovations in Life Science and learn how yet2 helped a major medical device company identify 51 cutting-edge cancer diagnostic companies and secure strategic partnerships with 2 of the most promising.

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Image by Woon Kuongchin from Pixabay

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