Outlicensing Technology

Tech Offering: Highly Stretchable, Resilient Elastomer (mSIS)

A yet2 client is seeking feedback on a highly stretchable, resilient elastomer

Tech Offering: Low-VOC resin/binder for polymers adds tackiness, enhances friction, improves mixing & kneading

New Quintone® DX-590_DP resin can add the properties of tackiness, friction, binding, and processability to polymers that don't possess these properties.

Tech Offering: Portable device senses overexposure to harmful UV rays, considering your unique skin type

Portable device senses overexposure to harmful UV rays, considering your unique skin type

CPME: New extractant efficiently and selectively separates and recovers gold (Au)

CPME is used as a solvent primarily in the pharma industry. Recent tests show that it also has a high selectivity for gold (Au) ion.

Novel Conductive/Adhesive Materials for Flexible and Ultra-thin Sensors and Devices

Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) has proven its reliability in years of display applications. Now Dexerials is releasing ACF in epoxy or acrylic resins.

Activated carbon from rice husks provide superior substrates for palladium and other catalysts in organic syntheses

Newly developed supported-metal catalysts use highly porous carbon made from rice husks as their supporting substrate

Industrial quantities now available of totally new hydrophobic ether solvent, environmentally green, that replaces THF, MTBE, Dioxane, and other existing solvents

Green solvent replacement

Dispersible Extruded Foam Cleaners

Kimberly - Clark Corporation is offering for license patented technology that can be used for skin or hard surface cleaning.

Biofilm Reduction Technology

Technology to reduce health concerns as well as energy inefficiencies.

Double-duty soluble electron transport material opens world of printed organic electronics while also usable for vacuum deposition