What Role Does Innovation Play in Achieving Sustainability Goals?

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Words by Emily Smith



In today’s discourse, sustainability often revolves around familiar buzzwords like electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy. While these are undoubtedly crucial components of the sustainability puzzle, there’s a vast landscape waiting to be explored beyond these mainstream solutions. Our aim here is to broaden the perspective on sustainability, uncovering innovative solutions that might not always steal the spotlight.


Shifting Focus: Sustainable Logistics and Fleet Management

Let’s start by introducing a hypothetical client, let’s call them LargeCo, who’s delving into pioneering sustainable logistics and fleet management solutions. While EVs dominate discussions on green transportation, there’s much more to the sustainability of logistics than meets the eye. From optimizing routes to reducing idle times, there’s a plethora of innovative approaches that can significantly minimize carbon footprints in this sector.


The Messy Middle

In the current sustainability landscape, there’s a notable emphasis on future “clean” solutions like electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy, which are still several years away from widespread adoption.

However, this leaves little room for addressing the immediate needs of transitioning existing infrastructure to more sustainable practices.

For companies like LargeCo, who operate large logistics fleets, waiting for future technologies like EVs isn’t feasible due to the significant hurdles these technologies still face and the reluctance to replace their entire fleet at once.

Instead, there’s a growing demand for retrofit technologies that can enhance the efficiency of existing infrastructure during this transition period, the messy middle.

Navigating this transition requires a shift in focus towards solutions that can bridge the gap between current practices and future aspirations. By investing in retrofit technologies and innovative approaches to fleet management, companies like LargeCo can make meaningful strides towards sustainability while navigating the complexities of the transition period.


Challenges for Innovation in Sustainability 


Clean Tech Investment Dynamics:

At yet2, we see one major hurdle to innovation in sustainability is the limited scope of investment in clean tech. Despite the urgency of the climate crisis, investment tends to gravitate towards specific sectors, leaving others in the shadows. This concentration not only stifles innovation but also creates a crowded market where emerging ideas struggle to gain traction.


Carbon Accounting Conundrum:

In the realm of carbon accounting, the proliferation of solutions has led to a confusing landscape. With countless players claiming carbon accounting capabilities, we see how distinguishing genuine innovation from mere noise becomes increasingly challenging. Clarity is paramount in navigating this complex terrain.


The Innovation Stifling Effect


Hyperfocus on Specific Areas:


An excessive focus on particular technologies or industries can impede diversity in innovation. When all eyes are on EVs and renewable energy, other critical areas often get overlooked. This hyperfocus creates a crowded innovation landscape, where breakthrough solutions struggle to emerge.


Navigating Clean Tech for Diverse Applications


Importance of Diversification:

Encouraging diversity in clean tech investment is essential for fostering innovation across various sectors. In broadening the scope of investment, it’s possible to uncover opportunities in untapped areas of sustainability, paving the way for truly transformative solutions.



In conclusion, while EVs and renewable energy are undeniably vital, they represent just the tip of the sustainability iceberg. By expanding our narrative beyond the usual suspects, we can unlock a world of innovative solutions waiting to be explored.

We help clients navigate the crowded spaces by figuring out ways to prioritize and differentiate solutions. At yet2 we work to embrace a more diverse and inclusive approach to clean tech, innovation, and sustainability, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.


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