Tech Scouting

Seeking: Methods to detect the journey of packaging components on a production line

Materials and/or processes that allow the maintenance/reduction of temperature of liquids in metal or glass containers

Seeking: Broad Spectrum Preservatives effective against mold, yeast and bacteria for use in Food & Beverages

Image sensing technologies by in-vehicle cameras that contributes to inspection of power distribution equipment on the utility poles.

Seeking: Novel Delivery Systems & Packaging Solutions for Oral Care

A yet2 client is seeking novel delivery systems & packaging for oral care solutions

Seeking: Inspection Technology for Offshore Wind Turbine Blades by Drone

A yet2 client is seeking inspection technology for offshore wind turbine blades by drone

Ground survey technology for offshore wind power generation development

Seeking advance technology for vessel-based CPT for wind farm development

Seeking: Personalized Nutrition Partner

A yet2 client is seeking a partner for personalized nutrition

Seeking: Methods & Technologies to Allow for Undersea Pipe Movement & Expansion in Extreme Environments

A yet2 client is seeking technologies for undersea pipe movement & expansion

Seeking: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to Support First Responder Communications in Emergency Situations

NIST is seeking unmanned aircraft systems to support first responder communications