Technology Scouting

Seeking: Personalized Nutrition Partner

A yet2 client is seeking a partner for personalized nutrition

Seeking: Methods & Technologies to Allow for Undersea Pipe Movement & Expansion in Extreme Environments

A yet2 client is seeking technologies for undersea pipe movement & expansion

Seeking: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to Support First Responder Communications in Emergency Situations

NIST is seeking unmanned aircraft systems to support first responder communications

Seeking: Electrical Tape

a yet2 client is seeking electrical tape

Market Feedback on R&D Cycles for First Responder User Interface Technologies.

NIST is seeking market feedback to inform virtual testbeds for the evaluation of usability of user interfaces on first responder technologies.

Seeking: Non-fossil Cyclic Compound with Heterocyclic Ring, Aromatic Ring or Alicyclic Ring in the Backbone

A yet2 client is seeking non-fossil cyclic compound with heterocyclic ring, aromatic ring, or alicyclic ring in the backbone

Seeking: Dust Management Technologies

A yet2 client is seeking dust management technologies

Seeking: Efficient Recovery Method of Components Contained in Exhaust Gas

A yet2 client is seeking an efficient recovery method of components contained in exhaust gas

Seeking: Polylactic Acid Technology with a Lactic Acid Production Process

A yet2 client is seeking polylactic acid technology with a Lactic Acid Production Process

Seeking: Measurement technique of cerebral blood flow