Technology Scouting

Seeking: Global Wine Database

Seeking global partners that have an extensive wine and wineries database

Seeking: Reusable water filters for removing particulate matter

Seeking: State of the Art Flexible Electronics Technologies

NASA is seeking state of the art technologies in the field of flexible electronics.

Seeking: Immunity-Boosting Products

A yet2 client is seeking novel products and ingredients that boost immunity

Seeking: Sustainable Packaging Processes

Seeking sustainable processes for packaging

Seeking: Eco-friendly Packaging Materials

Seeking sustainable materials for primary and secondary packaging of consumer products

Seeking: Novel Sealing or Closure Technologies for Thin Edible Material

Our client is seeking technologies capable of sealing or closing the end of edible tubing in an industrial environment.

Seeking: Edgy Health and Wellness Products

A yet2 client is seeking edgy (unique) and novel health and wellness products that are outside the mainstream market.

Seeking: Partners to Co-develop Existing Drilling Technology for Geothermal

A large company is looking to partner with another to co-develop its new geothermal drilling technology under a significant, available DEO grant program.

Seeking: Contingency Breathing Apparatus for In-Space Fire or Leak Event

NASA is seeking commercial respirator systems to protect against fire events and ammonia leaks (10,000ppm). These specialized flight masks would be used by crews on explo