Tech Scouting

Seeking: Alternatives to Animal Protein

A yet2 client is seeking alternatives to animal protein

Seeking: Best Practices in Aquaculture

A yet2 client is seeking best practices in aquaculture

Seeking: Next Generation Freezing Technologies

A yet2 client is seeking

Seeking: New Industrial Manufacturing Platform Design and/or Technology to Enable Horizontal Access

A yet2 client is seeking a new industrial manufacturing platform design to enable horizontal access

Seeking: Carbon Capture Methods to Reduce CO2 Emission from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE)

A yet2 client is seeking carbon capture methods to reduce CO2 emission from internal combustion engines

Seeking: Nanomaterials for Coolants and Lubricants

A yet2 client is seeking nanomaterials for coolants and lubricants

Seeking: App Designer with Experience in the Management of Platforms and the Associated Business Models

Seeking: Software Partners with Relevant Experience for Complex Systems

Seeking: Ingredients that prevent non-alcoholic beverages from freezing

Seeking: Methods to detect the journey of packaging components on a production line