Innovation Zero 2024: Insights from the yet2 Team

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Join yet2 at the 2024 Innovation Zero Conference in London, UK!

The purpose of Innovation Zero is to accelerate meaningful action towards a low carbon economy and society​​. Come visit us at Booth B84 starting April 30 – May 1 2024.

Ahead of the event, get to know each of our team members who are attending with their LinkedIn profiles below, with a highlight of the sustainability expertise they’ll be covering at the conference.


Patrick Harris: Advanced Tech and AI

Excited to Connect at Innovation Zero 2024 in London!

I’m Patrick Harris, and I’m eagerly gearing up to dive into all things advanced tech and AI at Innovation Zero 2024 in London!

As a Business Development Manager at yet2, I’m fueled by the relentless pursuit of innovation and collaboration. At yet2, we specialize in connecting companies with cutting-edge technologies and facilitating partnerships that drive transformative growth.

My role revolves around forging strategic alliances, identifying emerging trends, and fostering mutually beneficial relationships in the dynamic landscape of tech and innovation.

Passionate about leveraging the power of AI and advanced technologies to propel businesses forward, I thrive on the excitement of exploring groundbreaking solutions and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Whether it’s exploring the latest in AI-driven automation, revolutionary IoT applications, or disruptive machine learning algorithms, I’m always eager to engage in conversations that challenge conventional thinking and spark new ideas.

If you’re attending Innovation Zero 2024, I’d love to connect and exchange insights on how we can harness the potential of advanced tech to drive meaningful impact in our industries. Let’s explore opportunities for collaboration, share perspectives on industry trends, and collectively shape the future of innovation!

See you at Innovation Zero 2024!


Alex Roberts: Energy and Industrial

Thrilled to announce my attendance at Innovation Zero 2024! My name is Alex Roberts, an Innovation Services Manager here are yet2.

In my role at yet2, I’ve had the privilege of working on groundbreaking projects working to tackle the Energy transition and decarbonize key industries utilizing innovative technologies. Our recent projects demonstrate this which include: pioneering work in Green Steel, leading the way in Carbon Capture technologies (Carbon Capture Project), exploring innovative Geothermal Energy Drilling technologies (Geothermal Project), and advancing the fields of Green Hydrogen and Hydrogen Transport (Green Hydrogen Project).

Additionally, we are deeply involved in creating Sustainable Chemicals (Sustainable Chemicals Project), furthering our commitment to environmentally conscious solutions.

I’m looking forward to sharing insights and exploring collaborative opportunities in these areas at Innovation Zero 2024. Please feel free to drop me a message or find me at the conference.


  • Aviation & Shipping Forum: Addresses innovations and challenges in reaching ‘jet zero’ and the crossover learnings between aviation and shipping industries.
  • Minerals & Materials Forum: Addresses decarbonization in the mining sector and its impact on GHG emissions.
  • Transport & Mobility Forum: Discusses decarbonization challenges in transport, including fleet decarbonization and electrification.


Cecile Degorce: Minerals & Materials, Aviation & Transport

I’m excited to let you know that I’ll be at Innovation Zero 2024 in London! I can’t wait to meet you there and explore ways we can work together. I’ll be sharing some of the latest insights from yet2 on how different industries are working towards decarbonization.

For instance, let’s talk about the Transport/Aviation sector. What cool new technologies are out there or in the works to make transportation cleaner? And how can we speed up the use of these low-carbon technologies?

We also need to think about the money side of things. What kind of investments are necessary to switch to fossil-free fuels? And how do we make sure there’s enough sustainable fuel and energy for big operations like aviation and maritime?

Plus, let’s not forget about digital tech and data. How can we use these tools to make aviation and maritime activities more efficient and cut down on emissions? Let’s brainstorm some ideas together!


Roddy MacCullum: Oceans & Water, Food & agriculture

I am excited to attend Innovation Zero 2024 this April. Join me in exploring the potential of external partnerships and collaboration as we delve into the future of food & agriculture and oceans & water technologies. Feel free to reach out before the conference to schedule a meeting or simply drop by our booth. Looking forward to insightful discussions and seeing you there.


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