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yet2’s takeaways from the Innovation Zero Conference 2023

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Navigating the ever-evolving ecosystem of innovative technologies and sustainable solutions can be overwhelming. The Innovation Zero Congress 2023, recently attended by the yet2 team, shed light on new trends in the sustainability and carbon-zero space. This significant event, which was chaired by the Rt. Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, and endorsed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, brought forward pivotal themes and ground-breaking technologies in the sustainability arena, reaffirming yet2’s commitment to fostering and accelerating innovative sustainable solutions.

At the event, the team met and interacted with representatives from both starts-ups and big industry players all looking for and sharing the latest innovations in carbon reduction. Some of the most fascinating tech included plans to manufacture semiconductors in space and return them to earth—a process surprisingly more environmentally friendly than earth manufacture. This underscores the importance of diligent research and matchmaking when seeking collaborations for sustainable tech development – and that maybe what seems the most obvious route may not always be the best.

Over the course of the conference the yet2 team discussed many topics but some key themes arose around carbon offsetting, carbon utilisation and energy generation. Hear what our team had to say:

Patrick Harris (Business Development Executive) “It was amazing to attend the innovation Zero 2023 conference, which showcased cutting-edge technologies, sustainable solutions, and manufacturing breakthroughs, all while promoting a Carbon Zero policy. We explored the future of sustainability and witnessed the rise of fintech’s focus on reducing carbon emissions. With inspiring keynotes and global collaboration, this event demonstrated the transformative power of innovation in addressing climate change. It was fantastic to be at the first event of its kind and we are looking forward to the initiative growing”

Emma Chapelhow (Project Leader) “It was great to be part of discussions on how the world is going to look in the future. It’s amazing the new technologies being created to help achieve sustainability goals, at the consumer and industrial level. The event was a great opportunity for yet2 to meet the brightest brains in sustainability tech and for them to share their ideas with stakeholders in the industry, including key discussions around policy and global impact. I can’t wait to see the impact these have in the future!”


yet2 has been working hard in the pursuit of sustainability and carbon reduction for our clients. Check out just a few of our relevant projects below:

Seeking: Pipeline technologies and materials to transport carbon dioxide and hydrogen

Bayer Seeking: Sustainable packaging materials for healthcare products

Seeking: Food ingredients or precursors produced through utilization of captured carbon

Seeking: Greenhouse gas (ghg) detection & monitoring systems based on satellite data

Seeking: Sustainably made hydrocarbons and other specific chemicals

Seeking: Sustainable processes & feedstocks for terpene production

Seeking: Advancements in green hydrogen production

PepsiCo Seeking: GHG gas reduction for packaging

Seeking: Flexible energy conversion tech to harvest wave energy



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