Tech Offering: Water-repellent, Fluor-free, Super-hydrophobic coatings technology

Seeking: Hard-Coating Technology on Plastic Glazing (PG) for Automotive Application

A yet2 client is seeking hard-coating technology on plastic glazing (pg) for automotive application

Tech Offering: Low-VOC resin/binder for polymers adds tackiness, enhances friction, improves mixing & kneading

New Quintone® DX-590_DP resin can add the properties of tackiness, friction, binding, and processability to polymers that don't possess these properties.

Novel Conductive/Adhesive Materials for Flexible and Ultra-thin Sensors and Devices

Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) has proven its reliability in years of display applications. Now Dexerials is releasing ACF in epoxy or acrylic resins.

Offering: Window film reflects high-angle solar heat rays back to the sky rather than warming nearby ground

Biofilm Reduction Technology

Technology to reduce health concerns as well as energy inefficiencies.

Thick-film paste for photovoltaic cells includes both a leaded and a lead-free formulation

Connect conductive aluminum CV cables in ways that also prevent oxide film