2023’s Hottest Scouting Topics

Most Popular Topics Scouted on Behalf of yet2’s Global Client Base

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The yet2 team is thankful for another great year supporting our clients across technology scouting and Open Innovation advising. Among the highlights across our clients and industries were alternative/sustainable material supplier searches, novel product formats, innovation tours, packaging, and more.

Throughout the year we saw new trends in technology scouting that we’d like to share with you!

Here are the top 5 technology topics we scouted across our clients in 2023 and a few example projects:

Horizon 2/3 Platform Technology Scans

These are platform technologies that may large impact across multiple business units/product lines, even if 3-5+ years from implementation.


Alternative/Sustainable Material Supplier Searches


Post-covid return-to-normal business travel causing the need to explore new technology hubs. We led four different tours on behalf of our clients in these cities:

  • Singapore (consumer healthcare)
  • SF (big data/AI in healthcare)
  • Korea (food/beverage)
  • Japan (consumer healthcare)



Sustainable packaging and novel-packaging technologies.


Novel Product Formats



Check out our Active Projects to discover more.

We look forward to another exciting year scouting for Open Innovation in 2024!

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Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

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