Active Projects Sectors

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Patch and Wireless Continuous Monitoring

Quintac Styrene Block Copolymer

Glass Textile Reinforced Concrete Crash Barrier

Textile Reinforced Concrete Prototyping Technology

Enzymatic Degumming of Rice Bran

Dispersed Cellulose Nanofibers

Crosslinkable styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS)

Offering: Fluor-free, Superhydrophobic Coating

Solar reflective window film

Zeon Stretchable Resilient Elastomer

Offering: Low Odor, Low VOC Multifunctional Additive for Oil Products Modificat

Offering: Conductive Material for Sensors

Activated carbon from rice husk

Biofilm Reduction Technology

Archived Projects

High-Performance Cameras for Space

Medtronic announces polymer-free drug-eluting stents for license or acquisition

Offering: Software Governance Tool

Offering: Synchronization in Packet Ntwk

Offering: 3D Printed Flexo Printing Form

Offering: flexible electronics coating

Offering: UV Exposure Detection Device

Offering: Extruded Foam Cleaner

Offering: Green Antimicrobial polymers

Soluble E- transport material

Film paste for photovoltaics

Superior Rubber Material

Nonvolatile Nano-Memory device

Composite for Harsh Environment

Offering: Electroactive polymer