Active Projects Sectors

Logo Implementation and Surface Patterning Technologies for Baked Goods

Biodegradable and Compostable Packaging Materials

Nasal Irrigation Device

Natural Sweeteners and Technologies for Sugar Reduction in Beverages

Embedded UVC Light Platform Enabling Self-Disinfection of Surfaces and Devices

Sustainably Made Hydrocarbons and Other Specific Chemicals

Innovation Partners in Professional Oral Care in North America and Europe

Technology for Removing Debris from Power Lines

Healthy Snacking Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Durable Eco-friendly Materials for Marine Environments

Wood Alternative Boards and Panels for Construction

Sustainable Processes & Feedstocks for Terpene Production

Mondelēz International’s SnackFutures Opens Applications for CoLab 2023

Programmable Delivery System for Genome Editing

Non-Viral Delivery Vehicles for Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier

Zeon Offering: New polymer material with excellent elasticity, stretchability

Methodologies to Validate Postbiotics Benefits from Plant-Based Fermentations

Ingredient Encapsulation Technologies for Beverages

PepsiCo Seeking: Recyclable Closure for Paper Beverage Bottles

Fabricantes de productos para el cuidado del hogar y personal en LATAM

LATAM Home Care and Personal Care Manufacturing Partners

Fabricantes de productos para el cuidado bucal en LATAM

LATAM Professional Oral Care Manufacturing Partners

Multifunctional Preservatives for Personal Care

Real-time Whale Detection & Monitoring Technologies

Ostomy and Urinary Retention Sensors

Advancements in Green Hydrogen Production

CDMOs to produce a generic version of a professional oral care product

High Performance Sleep and Activity Tracking Wearables

Seeking: Methods to Inspire Collaborative Innovation in Hybrid Work Environment

Seeking: Software for Real-time Geo-referencing of Aerial Video

Patient Engagement Software Solution

Plastic Pollution Offsetting and Ocean Plastic Removal

Applications for poultry meat by-products

Water pipeline leak detection

GHG Gas Reduction for Packaging

Portable Power Supplies

Aggregation/Bonding of Network Links To Increase Bandwidth

Advances in electromagnetic sensors for impurity detection

High Temperature Sensors for Extreme Environments

Taste Modulators for Plant Proteins in Asia and Oceania

Flexible Energy Conversion Tech to Harvest Ocean Wave Energy

Bio-based alternatives to post-harvest fungicides

Novel Purification Techniques for Human IgG

Natural Antimicrobial for Licensing or Acquisition

Biological Approaches to Solidify Saturated Soils

NORM & Mercury Detection & Disposal Techniques

Seeking: Soap Sheet Suppliers

Leavening Technology Enabling Sodium Reduction

Carbon Capture Technologies for Industrial Applications

Protein-Based films or Compatible Edible barrier Films

Next Generation Plant-Based Meat Products

Fruit Juice, Honey & Syrup Dehydration in LATAM

Empresa que seque jugo de fruta, miel o jarabe en LATAM

Novel Purification Techniques for Biological Molecules

Scent Detection of Invasive Dreissenid Mussel Veligers

Road Traffic Incident Risk Mitigation Technologies

Novel Antibacterials

Alternate Sources of Water

Plant Protein Extrusion

Method for Acrylamide Detection

Improved Durability of Plastic Parts

Better Recyclability of Aerosol Packaging

Automated Medical Inventory System

Innovative Floor Maintenance System

Novel Protein Solutions for Beverages

Biodegradable coatings/adhesives for PHA films

Low Temperature Bonding Technologies

Micro-Monitoring/Diagnostics for Humans

Energy Reduction for Ice Cream Cabinets

AI Anomaly Detection for Hydroelectric Plants

Sustainable Coating Materials

Minority-Owned Suppliers in Beauty and Personal Care

Strain Sensors for Parachute Canopies

Biodegradable, Vegan Film-Forming Materials

Bio-based Alternatives to Asphalt

Novel Augmented Reality Optics Technology

Sustainable Food Packaging with Barrier Properties

Patient Communication Equipment for Virtual Caregivers

Minority-Owned Suppliers in Beauty and Personal Care

Tech for Improving Mechanical rPET Quality

Tech for Lightweighting of Hot-Fill PET bottles

Inspection Tech for Additive Manufacturing in Space

Applied R & D of AI and Machine Learning Technologies

AI and Machine Learning Platform Technologies

Automated Crack Mapping Solutions

Energy Efficient Tech to Reduce Size of Hard Materials

PC Application to run Medical & Scientific Devices

Precision Health Techniques

Wearable to Improve Worker Safety

Tech to Reduce Salt Perception of Electrolytes

Separating Gas Bubbles from Water Stream

Archived Projects

Bayer Sustainable Packaging Challenge

Future of Food Technologies

Multifunctional Integrated Medical Device

Solutions for Spatial Analytics

Fluorescent Slide Scanners

Recyclable Nitro Can Solution

Remote Sensing to track Soil Health

Taste Modulators for Plant Proteins