Active Projects Sectors

Seeking: Materials that prevent quality deterioration of green tea

Seeking: a cognitive performance assessment tool

Seeking: Solutions for North Atlantic Right Whale Satellite Tag Development

Seeking: Solutions for North Atlantic Right Whale Detection

Seeking: CDMOs to develop and manufacture a medicated antacid based chew

Seeking: Aluminum Packaging Alternatives

Seeking: Novel Salt Reduction and Salty Taste Enhancement

Seeking: Suppliers of Dimethylpolysiloxane

Seeking: Carbon Capture, Conversion, and Utilization Technologies

Seeking: Novel microalgae strains, extracts, and byproducts for agriculture

Seeking: Sourcing novel seaweed species for biostimulants

Seeking: At-Rest Earth Pressure Measurement Technology

Seeking: Geothermal Energy Drilling Technologies

Seeking: Innovative Anti-diversion Technologies

Seeking: Fractional Distillation Service Providers

Seeking: NREL Digitizing Utilities Prize Challenge

Seeking: Flooding diagnosis technology inside underground cable connections

Seeking: Commercial and Academic AI Partners & Collaborators

Seeking: Industrial Microbial Management

Seeking: Subsurface crack detection technologies

Seeking: 3D Scanning and Modelling Technologies

Seeking: 3D Motion Detection and Distance Monitoring

Seeking: Novel skincare products & technologies

Seeking: Underground utility surveying technologies

Seeking: Bird repellents for crops

Seeking: Sustainable Supply Chain

Diagnostic tools for detecting non-visible indicators of poor agronomic performa

Seeking: Field applicable ore characterisation systems and technologies

NASA Seeking: Clinical decision support for remote healthcare

Seeking: Systems Integrators for Lab Automation in India and China

Seeking: Wearables to monitor dermal bioindicators

Seeking: Quality verification of on-demand electronics manufactured in space

Seeking: Assessing the impact of primary data sharing

Seeking: PFAS detection technology

Seeking: Suppliers of dried aluminum hydroxide gel

Escaping fluorine dependency in agrochemical design

Technologies to charactertize insect membrane proteins

Rapid detection and quantification of bacterial contamination

Seeking: Chemical building blocks from biomass


American-Made: MAKE IT Prize Facilities Track

PepsiCo seeking recycling technologies for biodegradable films

NASA is seeking experts in long term health metrics

3D Surface Mapping

Rapid and Portable Microbial Field Test

NIH Targeted Genome Editor Delivery Challenge

Acid and Heat Stable Sweet Proteins

Compact Medical Lab Analysis

Technologies Enabling Light-Weighting of Large Bottle Packaging Formats

Compact Medical Radiography (X-ray)

End-of-life Opportunities for Medically Contaminated Materials

Novel Therapeutics for Neurological Disorders

Compact Space-ready Lasers & Detectors suitable for Lidar Applications

NASA Women’s Aqua Boost Challenge

Novel Sun Protection Ingredients or Formulations

Fungal Strain Development for Food Fermentation

Easy Female Hormone Measurement Technology that is Repeatably Used

Pipeline Technologies and Materials to Transport Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen

Seeking: Buyer for Premium Food Storage Container Brand

Alternative Technologies to Palm Oil as a Raw Material for Surfactants

CoLab Tech 2023 Recruitment

PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator APAC Sustainability Edition

Industrial Water Treatment Technologies

New Portal: Shoots by Syngenta

Alternative Sustainable Polysaccharide Sources

Suppliers of Glycol Salicylate

Label-less Packaging Decorations

Low-Temperature Catalyst Manufacturing Process With Low Cost & Carbon Footprint

Ingredients Produced Through Utilization of Captured Carbon

Consulting Experts to Evaluate Novel Energy Technology

Technology for non-destructive inspection inside concrete structures

Food-Grade Polypropylene Filter Paper with High Polypropylene Content

Quantifying Aroma Compounds in Chocolate

Analytical Methods/tools to Compare Aroma Profiles of Milk Chocolates

Cable Sealing System, Material, or Tech that is Easy to Remove and Reinstall

Custom Radiation-Resistant Displays

Affordable Structured Lipids with Improved Functionality and Sustainability

Multi-Scale Simulation Tools

Saturated Fat Substitutes

Increasing Efficiency in Stoving/Curing Ovens for Jellies

Confectionery Contract Manufacturers for Chocolate Bars and Blocks

Cat-Friendly Litterbox Deodorization Device

Greenhouse Gas Detection & Monitoring Systems Based on Satellite Data

Logo Implementation and Surface Patterning Technologies for Baked Goods

Biodegradable and Compostable Packaging Materials

Nasal Irrigation Device

Natural Sweeteners and Technologies for Sugar Reduction in Beverages

Embedded UVC Light Platform Enabling Self-Disinfection of Surfaces and Devices

Sustainably Made Hydrocarbons and Other Specific Chemicals

Innovation Partners in Professional Oral Care in North America and Europe

Technology for Removing Debris from Power Lines

Healthy Snacking Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Durable Eco-friendly Materials for Marine Environments

Wood Alternative Boards and Panels for Construction

Sustainable Processes & Feedstocks for Terpene Production

Mondelēz International’s SnackFutures Opens Applications for CoLab 2023

Programmable Delivery System for Genome Editing

Non-Viral Delivery Vehicles for Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier

Archived Projects

Seeking: Suppliers of Diphenhydramine

Seeking: Suppliers of N-Vanillylnonanamide