Active Projects Sectors

Minority-Owned Suppliers in Beauty and Personal Care

Strain Sensors for Parachute Canopies

Biodegradable, Vegan Film-Forming Materials

Bio-based Alternatives to Asphalt

Novel Augmented Reality Optics Technology

Sustainable Food Packaging with Barrier Properties

Solutions for Spatial Profiling (Genomics)

Fluorescent Slide Scanners

Patient Communication Equipment for Virtual Caregivers

Minority-Owned Suppliers in Beauty and Personal Care

Tech for Improving Mechanical rPET Quality

Tech for Lightweighting of Hot-Fill PET bottles

Inspection Tech for Additive Manufacturing in Space

Applied R & D of AI and Machine Learning Technologies

AI and Machine Learning Platform Technologies

Automated Crack Mapping Solutions

Energy Efficient Tech to Reduce Size of Hard Materials

Recyclable Nitro Can Solution

PC Application to run Medical & Scientific Devices

Precision Health Techniques

Wearable to Improve Worker Safety

Tech to Reduce Salt Perception of Electrolytes

Remote Sensing to track Soil Health

Taste Modulators for Plant Proteins

Separating Gas Bubbles from Water Stream

Electrical Heating Technologies for Industrial Use

Novel Bio-Based Polymers

Technologies to Extend Food Shelf Life

Sustainable Cups, Lids & Straws

Coconut Water Flavor Optimization

Innovative “Toilet Block” Tech to Clean & Refresh

Fault Detection and Prognosis Technologies

Precision Metrology for Navigation and Sensing

Electrochemical Energy Storage for Cold Environments

Women’s Digital Health Startups

Incident Command Platform Technologies

Materials that "Improve" Lymphatic Function

Debris Mitigation and Removal for Dams

AR/VR Training System Best Practices

Technologies for laboratory Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

Open-Source Resources for AI-Based Analytic Tools

High Frequency Test for Optical Communications Devices

Rapid Assembly Tech for Optical Communication Devices

Seeking: Tech to ID Early-Stage Failure of Optical Components

Improving Solder Joints and Solder-Bonded Chips

Technologies to Improve Flip Chip Bonding Accuracy

Copackaged Integrated Circuits for Optical Transceivers

Probiotic Lysates for Skin Care Applications

Sugar Replacement for Foods

Thermal Process Innovation for Energy Efficiency

Next Generation Sustainable Cooler

Breakthrough Packaging Solutions for China

Natural Colors for Foods & Beverages

Seeking: Shelf-life studies for food products

Seeking: Eyedrop Administration Techniques for Children

Centralized Processing of High-Bandwidth Data

Improved Salt Dissolution using Dispersed Salt

Solid Form Acetic Acid for Sodium Reduction

Fujitsu Offering: Lithium Niobate Processing, Design, Packaging & Manufacturing

Microbiome Technology for Soil Health

Field Tools to Evaluate Raw Citrus Juice Quality

PepsiCo Seeking: Food Packaging Reuse Models & Platforms

Procter & Gamble Seeking: Liquid Compatible Barrier

Disinfection Solutions for Bottles and Closures

Sustainable Packaging Materials for Ice Cream

Sustainable Packaging for Dry Foods

Positive Nutrition

Unilever Seeking: Plant Protein & Beyond

Aerial Imaging in Agriculture

Thermal Processing Innovation

Connected Packaging

Novel Research Tools

Thermal Protective Packaging

Anti-Viral Technology for Packaging

Archived Projects

Remote Monitoring for Pediatric Epiliepsy

Seeking: Decommissioning Provider for Stainless Steel Pipes

High Throughput Lab Services for Formulation Prototyping

Canal Seepage Reduction Technology

Multi-Bearer Remote Speaker Microphone Device

AI-Based Maritime Surveillance System

Seeking: Methods for processing delicate bivalve meat & novel uses

Cold Stowage Technologies

A system to discretely detect legal player-to-player contact during matches

Agile Airfield Infrastructure

Durable Tag and Trace Solutions

5G Technology and Applications Industry Representatives and Experts

5G Test Beds for Public Safety

Bi-directional, Two-Channel Pumping Technologies

Innovative E-commerce Packaging

Preservation and Antimicrobial Activity for Packaged Consumer Goods

Remote Height and Weight Measurement for Clinical Trials

Water Recycling and Reuse Technologies

Patient Data Aggregation Software for Clinical Trials

Menopause Treatments

Liquid Biopsy Technology for Early Cancer Detection

Black-Owned Supplier Partners in the Beauty and Personal Care Industry

Non-Aluminium Based Antiperspirant

PepsiCo Greenhouse Accelerator Program - Open Through Dec., 7, 2020

Battery Materials Recycling Innovations

Wearables and Measuring Devices